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We provide professional grade shop drawings to Casework, Architectural Millwork, Store Fixture, and Cabinetry manufacturers with over 10 years experience. Shop drawings are engineered for ease of production and for submittal to Architects or other entities for approval to Fabricate. Drawing turnover is about two weeks after receiving all information. Faster turnovers are possible in some situations.

Why should you outsource? Economic pressures and the ever-increasing competition in the cabinet and architectural millwork climate have forced professional firms to rethink the way they do business. The advancement of technology and globalization has made a clear path for Cabinet manufacturers and brokers to succeed in the global economy by leveraging outsourcing. Companies that embrace the trend today are well equipped to compete, innovate, and inspire the cabinet industry of tomorrow.

Shop Drawing

How about some back ground on myself?  I started by having my own wood working shop and store front almost 15 years ago. In 2000 I started working for a small commercial custom casework company and moved up to being shop foreman and project manager in the first month. I was able to do this because of my knowledge and understanding of cabinet construction, inner works of Auto Cad and personal business back ground. Since then I have worked for larger casework companies very successfully. In the mean time I have gained hands on knowledge and use of Cabinetware, Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, Alfa Cam and a mired of other programs. While gaining all of this hands on knowledge I have also spent many days on the bench and installing. I have always had the belief that who better to have engineer your product than a person that has actually done the work in the shop them self.

Shop Drawingz

During this time I have always maintained relationships with local shop owners and have done shop drawings for them. Also I have gained extensive knowledge of Web design, web graphics, print graphics and ecommerce companies.

The above reasons are why we can claim that we are your "One Stop for all of your Engineering and Advertizing needs".